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If you're looking to build a new home or office complex in the greater Memphis area, you'll surely need the services of a good asphalt or concrete company for features such as your entrance road, parking lot, or driveway. APAC has you covered. APAC’s parent company, Oldcastle Materials, is the nation’s leading vertically integrated supplier ofasphalt and concrete. Memphis located APAC-Tennessee offers all the quality products and services that people have come to rely on in Oldcastle Materials.

Our Asphalt and Concrete Expertise

Establishing a good concrete or asphalt entrance road/parking lot is very important in regards to themobility of your customers. After all, this is the first feature of your property that is noticed as one arrives on site; impress your visitors with a fine surface made from APAC’s quality asphalt. Memphis and surrounding area businesses can rely on APAC to supply a product that leaves a lasting impression.

At APAC-Tennessee, we stand by our Concrete and Asphalt products 100% and it is our goal to deliver customer satisfaction. If you are unfamiliar with our work, give us a call and we will be happy to guide you through many completed projects that were built with our concrete and asphalt. Memphis residents can see our work first-hand as we have completed many large projects in the metro area. For those that have not seen our work in person, we are confident that you will be pleased in working with APAC. With our parent company, Oldcastle Materials, we take pride in delivering the best Asphalt and Concrete at an affordable price to you.

Choosing the Right Service Company

When choosing a supplier of concrete andasphalt, Memphisbusiness and home owners should ask their contractor who the preferred supplier in the area is. Your home builder or contractor will be able to tell you that APAC will deliver the best products of asphalt andconcrete. Memphis and surrounding area contractors can rest assured that any job will be done right when they choose to work with APAC. For this reason, APAC has established long working relationships with the area’s most reputable contractors.

Environmentally Friendly Products

From an environmental standpoint, please ask about our ECO-MIX Asphalt. Traditional hot mix asphalt (HMA) requires high heat to attain workability. Our special ECO-MIX Asphalt process uses lower heat which contributes to these points:

  • ECO-MIX Asphalt has less oxidation during production, which results in extended binder/pavement life
  • ECO-MIX Asphalt reduces carbon emissions
  • ECO-MIX Asphalt reduces smoke and smell
  • ECO-MIX Asphalt has compaction and workability equal to standard hot-mix asphalt

THINK GREEN! ECO-MIX requires less energy to produce and uses more recyclable materials in the mix, making it a sustainable product. The bottom line is this: ECO-MIX Asphalt produces a high quality pavement that’s better for the environment.



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