Safety Core Values:

Zero Fatalities
Fatalities are unacceptable. Our solemn commitment to our employees is to prevent any and all fatalities.

Zero Incidents
We expect our employees to work everyday without an incident. This includes a focus on common high frequency and minor incidents.

Employee Driven Safety Culture
To achieve a sustainable zero-incident workplace our employees must truly "own" the safety program and hold each otheraccountable for safety - 100% of the time, with strong management support.

Zero Fatalities
These are the basic mechanics of safety that shall never be compromised.
We must have 100% compliance, 100% of the time.

  1. Risk Assessment: understanding and systemmatically reducing workplace hazards
  2. Safe Equipment Operation and Seatbelt Usage
  3. Safe Transporation
  4. Lock Out / Tag Out
  5. Equipment and Machinery Guarding
  6. Confined Space
  7. Fall Protection
  8. Lifting / Rigging
  9. Overhead and Underground Hazards
  10. Pressurization
  11. Blasting
  12. Work Zone Safety

Zero Incidents
These are areas where focus and improvement in needed in order to prevent our
incidents from occuring.

  1. Track / Think / Safe / Take 5 for Safety shall be conducted prior to certain tasks. (This includes constant awareness of our surroundings and our environement - mud, ice, uneven ground, debris on walkways / walk - paths / jobsites, inclement weather, etc.)
  2. Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Safe lifting techniques (body posture, two man lift, etc.)
  4. 3 Points of Contact
  5. Management of third party contractors while on APAC Tennessee, Inc. premises / Projects

Employee Driven Safety Culture
To continue to move our safety culture toward World Class performance, there shall be company-wide employee participation and ownership combined with management support regarding these specialized areas of focus:

  1. Training / Coaching / Behavior Reinforcement (follow-up)
  2. Employee Involvement / Engagement
  3. 5-S (workplace organization)
  4. Team Based Problem Solving
  5. Near miss reporting
  6. Management Support and Leadership

NOTE: Effective risk identification and reduction should be integrated into all aspects of Safety.

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