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Gravel and Stone - Memphis, Tennessee

At APAC, we bring homeowners and businesses the highest quality of gravel and stone Memphis has to offer. Whether you're building a brand new office complex, adding on to an existing parking lot or building roadway infrastructure, APAC-Tennessee can supply you with world-class gravel and stone. In addition, homeowners that want to give their landscape a fresh new look can do so with our first-class gravel and stone. Memphis, being the distribution capital of the U.S., gives APAC-Tennessee the ability to ship products to Eastern Arkansas, West Tennessee, North Mississippi and many other locations in the Mississippi River Basin.

Our supplies are mined and inspected in-house to make sure every order of gravel and stone upholds the level of quality APAC is known for. This ensures the gradations for the assortment of sizes of gravel and stone are at par with the various industry specifications. In order to fill orders, we bring our stone into Memphis via barge from our Brickey’s Quarry in Missouri. Gravel (Memphis bound) is hauled via truck from our White Oaks Sand and Gravel Operation outside of Wynne, Ark.

Whether you are buying 50 tons of gravel for your driveway or 150,000 tons of stone for a levee resurfacing project, we pledge to be very responsive to your demands for stone or gravel. Memphis contractors know that APAC is a client-centric business and that our support team maintains an open line of communication. This ensures that your project is completed swiftly and responsibly. Please contact Jeremy Christopher for any inquiries you might have regarding our stone and gravel (Memphis Office: 901-947-5600).

Here is a list of some of the Sand, Stone and Gravel products we offer: Gravel 57s, ¾” Crushed Gravel, ½” Crushed Gravel, 1 x ¾” Gravel Fraction, ¾” x ½” Gravel Fraction, Clay Gravel, Oversize Gravel, Pond Sand, Mason Sand, Washed Coarse Sand, Pea Gravel, Concrete #57 Stone, #4 Lime Stone, LA-610 – 1 ½” Crushed Stone Base, #67 Lime Stone, #89 Lime Stone, ¾” DGA (MDOT) Stone Base, Commercial Stone Base, #57 Lime Stone, AHTD Class 7 Stone Base, 90 lb Rip Rap Stone, 125 lb Rip Rap Stone, 400 lb Rip Rap Stone, 600 lb Rip Rap Stone, Gabion Stone, Class 7 (pug) stone, B Stone/Stone Backfill, Class 1 Shoulder Material, Recycled Asphalt (RAP), ½” Crushed RAP, Milled RAP and various other Sand, Gravel and Stone products.



APAC Tennessee, Inc. Main Office

Physical Address:
1210 Harbor Ave.
Memphis, TN 38113
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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13427
Memphis, TN 38113

Phone: 901-947-5600
Fax: 901-947-5699


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